Why Choose gConverter?

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gConverter is the first and only professional registered company which provides such a large selection of Forum/CMS converting options. It includes 67600 from/to combinations with 260 different CMS/Forums.

No Risk! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Your request will be supported and completed within about 24-48 hours. Our refund policy is very unusual as it allows you to try our service without any financial risk. We do not request any payment from you until your site has been successfully converted. Therefore, if you don’t like the results and you provide us with valid reasons, then you don’t pay

Not an Automatic Tool!

We do not sell “converter” softwares and scripts with a hard documentations. We do not use any unintuitive automatic tools with limited functions. You can completely customize the conversion to your specific needs. Our conversions are semi-handmade, complete and don’t have any limits. We convert your site ourselves using the “globalConverter” Smart System made by our specialists.

Best Price!

Our prices are the lowest, and are extremely reasonable. This is not just a sales pitch, this is the truth. gConverter prices are up to 50 percent lower than those of other companies.

High Trust!

No more unregistered services. gConverter is a legal registered service. All our services are provided by USA registered gConverter LLC company. We’ve already converted thousands of different CMS and Forums, people trust us and we do our best to make our customers happy with the result.

Ultra High Security!

At gConverter, keeping your data secure is our top priority. We use proven technology and take every precaution to make sure your data arrive safely at our data center – and stay safe and protected for as long as we finish the conversion. Once service is completed, all data are being removed from our server.

Direct Email Support!

We provide direct email support with the developer who is currently working on your site, as well as Live Support via online chat and a Support Forum.

Our support is available seven days a week.

We will help you until your issue is resolved – whether it is a pre-service issue, a problem during the conversion or concerns after the conversion is complete and payment has been received.

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